Sunday, 25 January 2015  
4. Rab-ul-Akhir 1436
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With an understanding of the needs of many Muslims, who want Islam in as simple a way as they can get, we bring you a set of tools to enable you do that.

An-Nur Seminars Poll

An-Nur is here to satisfy your needs, hence based on your votes, the An-Nur Seminar for the month of April will be on the topic "Matchmaking in Marriage: Traditional and Modern Perspectives"

Date: 23rd April 2011

Venue: O & G Conference Room, Korle Bu, Accra




Skim through our collection of write-ups on various Islamic issues ranging from the basic tenets of the faith to more scholarly articles.

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In pursuit of our goal to empower Muslim youths with skills that will sell them in the job market, we have developed a number of programs.