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An-Nur is a youth organisation that has you in mind...
Youth for Islam!

An-Nur is a dawah organization whose prime aim is to employ current advancements in information technology to carry the message of Islam to people. Conscious of the fact that socio-economic hardships, at lot of the time, lead Muslim youths into various vices, An-Nur has also taken it upon itself to help in developing the quality of human resource of the Muslim youth through skills training and orientation programs. Read more


A selection of our key activities


Scholarship program in partnership with Ghana Turkey Muslim Brothers Association to support brillians but needy SHS students


Join us on our dawah campaigns and assist us provide social, financial and other forms of support to reverts


A series of seminars, workshops or training sessions at which resource persons lead participants in discussing key issues affecting the Muslim ummah, and exploring possible interventions towards tackling them


Among our courses are, Islam & Business, Fiqhul Ibaadaat, ICT, Arabic and Aadab & Akhlaq

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