Public Statement: Fund raising for Brother Irbard Ibrahim

Dhul Hijjah 1436AH/September 2015:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we pray this message finds all of us well.

An-Nur Al-Islamiyyah as part of being open and transparent to the Ummah, wishes and deems it necessary to issue a statement on this matter from its Shuraa (Highest Council).

An-Nur Al-Islamiyyah after having been served at the Shuraa Level, the need to contribute and raise funds to assist our Muslim Brother, Irbard Ibrahim, following a request from some of its core members after having sought the explicit blessing and consent from Brother Irbard on the said donation campaign, finally decided to embark on the donation campaign formally, following all due process in so doing.

To authenticate the exercise and make it easily verifiable on the Social Media, An-Nur’s Website address and relevant contact numbers and addresses were put on all e-flyers coming from An-Nur. The use of copyright restrictions were even considered.

In addition, our respected Mother, Hajia Akosua Sadia Abdallah who visited and made donations to our brother earlier and also saw the need to solicit for more funds, was consulted by An-Nur and the exercise was proceeded with.

These were all done in order to ensure the confidence of every donor and the authenticity of the exercise.

The Unfortunate Turn of Events:

On Tuesday, 15th September, 2015 An-Nur saw a copy of a disclaimer to an ongoing fundraising exercise, on the Facebook page of our brother Irbard Ibrahim. This disclaimer rendering any fundraising exercise, for Irbard’s health care, fraudulent was also received on other social media platforms and thus purported to have come from him.

In order not to perceive the turn of events as ‘backlash’, all efforts were made to reach Brother Irbard via phone calls, text messages and a visit to him at the 37 Military Hospital, to verify this unfortunate disclaimer, but those proved futile, until the 19th September, 2015 when An-Nur finally made contacts with him again. He made it abundantly clear then, that he needed no money and so agreed that all donations be returned to their respective donors.

Unfortunately however, he could not allow the Ameer to ask him and verify the disclaimer purported to have come from him, saying that, he needed to rest and get well; all he needed were prayers from the Ummah.

We consider this disclaimer unfortunate and out of order. At least the disclaimer, if warranted, should have been specific to exclude those genuinely raising the funds with good intentions and consent from our brother, Irbard.

Decision by An-Nur and Important note:

1. An-Nur, by this statement from the Shuraa, asks all donors to contact its Finance Director, Brother Yusif Geoffrey on 0264321554 or 0243321554 for their donations intended for Irbard: the ones made to our Mother, Hajia Akosua Sadia Abdallah and to the mobile money accounts used for the exercise.

We would like to thank all donors for having confidence in us. May Allah reward you.

2. We also humbly ask the Ummah and the donors in particular to forgive everyone for any inconvenience that this fund raising campaign might have caused them due to the unfortunate turn of events.

We request that the Ummah puts this case behind them and concentrate on how we all can make ourselves better to move the Ummah forward.

3. We pray for our brother Irbard Ibrahim to get well soon to enable him continue his work with the guidance and blessings of Allah. We pray Allah forgives him and all of us our shortcomings. Ameen.

We pray for all others who have been taken ill and are unwell, for good health.

4. An-Nur Al-Islamiyyah, is a dynamic Muslim Youth Organization with several projects. Further information about An-Nur is available on this website.

Words of advice to the Ummah: “We cannot allow these things to hinder us from doing good, we should not let this stop us from helping whenever the need arises. And we should not allow these trials to halt our progress”.

May the Almighty Allah forgive us our shortcomings and continue to guide us all on the Right Path. Ameen.


Signed: MUHAMMMED SIRAJ, National Ameer, An-Nur Al-Islamiyyah.
(With Authority from The An-Nur National Shuraa)

Bro Irbard Ibrahim,
An-Nur Executives,
All An-Nur Departments,
All An-Nur branches,
An-Nur social media platforms.