Statement in response to Bro Irbard Ibrahim’s purported disclaimer

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

As-salaamu Alaikum my brothers and sisters in Islam.

I pray this post gets to you in a state of blessing and good health.

Since this issue came to our notice, as the Ameer of An-Nur, I went to visit Brother Irbard Ibrahim at the 37 Military Hospital, to verify the “disclaimer” being circulated and attributed to him.

Unfortunately, myself and my team (Brothers Abdul Basit, Salifu and Salim) were unable to see Irbard as we were told by a nurse who went to inform him of our visit, that he was asleep and will communicate our visit to him later when he wakes up.

Secondly, I have tried all that I can to obtain clarifications from my brother Irbard via Whatsapp and phone calls without success.

We wish our brother sound health and peace of mind and we still pray for his speedy recovery regardless.

I will therefore plead with everyone to remain calm and wait for the outcome of our meeting with Irbard as I personally do not want to work with ‘proxies’ in this matter but to talk to Brother Irbard himself directly.

May Allah continue to guard, guide and protect us all in our affairs. Aameen



Meanwhile we wish to make the following clear

  1. We would like to clarify that we obtained consent from Irbard before we started the fundraising.
  2. We started this fundraising with notable figures in our society and they visited him with earlier donations at the 37 Military Hospital.
  3. Lastly, we hope that perhaps the disclaimer being circulated is not from Irbard himself, or that it is referring to a different fundraiser other than ours.

He is the best person to answer this and many more questions and we patiently await his response.

Wallaahul musta’an.
May Allah help us to solve this amicably. Aameen

(M. Siraj: An-Nur Ameer)
Date: 15.09.2015
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