2015 An-Nur SHS Scholarship

We wish to inform the general ummah that the SHS scholarship project, in partnership with Human Development and Relief Organization based in Ankara, Turkey has been completed successfully, alhamdulillah.

Out of 32 applications from needy Muslim students across the country, 5 were chosen after a test and interview by An-Nur on Saturday, 30th May, 2015.

Below are the beneficiaries for this year.

1. Tette Abdul razak
2. Shamsudeen Fuseini
3. Abubakar Sidiq Adam
4. Halima Salis
5. Alhassan Zainab

We thank you all for the support and duaa. We would like to congratulate all who applied for this year and went through the interview. We hope you can re-apply next year in sha Allah.

Our scholarship package also includes programs to ensure a serious tarbiyyah (Islamic nurturing) of beneficiaries so that they become proud ambassadors of Islam wherever they go inshaa Allah.

Are you a needy SHS student or do you know any?  Please check this website for available opportunities.

Do you also want to sponsor a needy student through Islamic/secular education? Please contact us. This may become a sadaqatul Jaariyah (unceasing charity) for you in shaa Allah.

May Allah bless & help us all.

(M. Siraj: Ameer)
Date: 01.10.2015
+233 26 8826951
+233 26 432 1554


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