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Support Fund for the family of da’ee Ibrahim Allah Party

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته  *Update on the fund raising for the Family of our Brother Ibrahim Allah Party* *Our target is Ghs 5000.00* *We have Ghs 2246.50 now*  Yet  to come soon in shaa Allah  *GHS 2753.50* Alhamdulillah  Everyone should take part, this *Singular Contribution* can be evidence  for you on the Day when […]


An-Nur Mentoring Program

“Mentors have the experience you can learn from to prevent making the same mistakes beginners make.“ Mentoring is one of ways in which people can obtain guidance in their professional, academic and personal lives. It is also an effective way of networking, while at the same time (in some cases) gaining some work experience. An-Nur […]