An-Nur Mentoring Program

“Mentors have the experience you can learn from to prevent making the same mistakes beginners make.“ Mentoring is one of ways in which people can obtain guidance in their professional, academic and personal lives. It is also an effective way of networking, while at the same time (in some cases) gaining some work experience. An-Nur […]


Avoid using the same password on multiple accounts

The big question is, how can you remember all those passwords? #Hacking101 Memorizing your passwords is the best way to keep them. If you cannot do that then you need a password manager to help you keep them safe and secure. You can use LastPass ( especially for your web applications or portals. LastPass is […]


What really happens when you delete a file from your computer?

If you think it’s as simple as wiping stuff off a chalk board, you are in for a huge surprise! When you delete a file, the operating system simply removes the reference to the file on the hard drive from a special table (Master File Table or Inode Table depending on the OS and file […]

smart phone

That phone gift could be a Trojan horse!

What stops you from thinking that the flashy phone you got as a gift doesn’t have a monitoring app installed on it that can track all your activities without your consent? Yes, it’s possible. A monitoring App can be pre-installed on the phone before it gets to you. And they usually run in stealth mode […]


What should you do to your flash drive/pen drive before giving it to someone else as a gift?

You will want to do a military grade format/wipe/erase/delete/shred of your drive. A free tool I can recommend for that is Disk Wipe at You can also check out DBan (, KillDisk ( or Eraser ( Have you ever misplaced your flash drive/pen drive with some sensitive data on it (giving you sleepless nights)? […]