The Wave

The Wave is an information feed or blog that provides an avenue for members to publish their works. Contributors own copyright to their works, and their opinions or works do not represent An-Nur’s position on any matter. The Wave is maintained by contributors, who create and curate the published material.

Publishing on The Wave offers many benefits to contributors.

First, works get a permanent home, from which they can be referred to by sharing links on social media, as opposed to posting the material directly onto social media. In the latter case, the material can easily get lost with time, in the multitudes of material that are posted on various social media platforms.

Second, except for works of art, it is quite difficult to claim credit for that pieces of writing that are posted on social media on a CV for example. For some social media platforms such as Whatsapp, it is not possible to obtain links to such works for referencing on one’s CV.

Lastly, it is quite difficult to claim copyright ownership for material posted on social media for some of the reasons above, and for the fact that it is sometimes difficult to track where the material was first posted. It is easy for other people to claim ownership for one’s works if the original posts were deleted for example.

We invite anyone who has an inkling for writing to publish their works on The Wave.