An-Nur Mentoring Program

Mentors have the experience you can learn from to prevent making the same mistakes beginners make.

Mentoring is one of ways in which people can obtain guidance in their professional, academic and personal lives. It is also an effective way of networking, while at the same time (in some cases) gaining some work experience.

An-Nur is pleased to announce the commencement of its mentoring program to challenge you and provide guidance on

  • your current and future academic endeavors
  • your current job role
  • your career development
  • your life goals
  • reshaping, re-framing and re-affirming your ideas

Do you have a good amount of experience in your field?

Join the An-Nur Mentoring Team today! Follow this link to register as a mentor.


Are you looking for a mentor to help you grow? WATCH THIS SPACE!

Mentee registration will open soon.




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