Programs & Projects

An-Nur is involved in various programs and projects, most of which are targeted to the youth such as

  • Provision of various services via our website
  • E-dawah i.e. reaching out to both Muslims and Non-Muslims (who volunteered to participate in this project) through our emailing group and FaceBook page.
  • Holding talks, discussions, quizzes, etc. with selected secondary and tertiary schools in Accra. It is our intention to extend our reach to more schools.
  • Search for, and free distribution of Islamic software and audio-visual materials to Muslims and Non-Muslims.
  • Organizing video shows on various relevant issues/topics. These videos are often lectures by eminent scholars and orators such as Dr. Zakir Naik, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Dr. Bilal Philips, etc.
  • Distributing leaflets/hand-outs on various Islamic topics to students and the public.
  • An-Nur Seminars – a series of seminars, workshops and training sessions at which resource persons lead participants in discussing these issues and exploring possible interventions towards alleviating problems facing Muslims. A key feature of this is active participation of the audience, thus helping the ordinary Muslim develop a feeling of responsibility to take action in his/her own individual or in a concerted way, in order to help solve our problems. We also teach core principles of Islam as well as skills needed for one to have a balanced life.
  • ICT Training – a series of training sessions in areas such as the use of office automation tools, data management and analysis, use of web-based applications, etc. offered at give-away rates.