Terms and Conditions

The information below is extracted from the Statutes of An-Nur. Any amendments to the Statutes shall override the provisions below. Please refer to the latest version of the Statutes in all issues.
15.1 Definitions and role
15.1.1 Members shall be people who are registered with the organisation, hold a valid membership identification number and are in good standing with the organisation.

15.2 Conditions for Membership:
A.    One must be a Muslim.
B.    Members must fill and submit a membership application form for review. He/she becomes a member upon approval of the application, upon which the individual is bound by all the rules of the organisation.
C.    Must pay dues

15.3 Members shall identify themselves with at least one department/committee under which they will serve the organisation.
15.4 Members within educational institutions/schools would be recognized as members of their institutional branch but may still serve under the national office if they wish to support the national office in its activities.
15.5 Members of institutional branches become automatic members of An-Nur National after completion of / graduation from their respective institutions, as their services would be much needed by the national office. They however would have to confirm their continued affiliation/membership to the organisation with the Director of Operations and subsequently identify themselves with at least one department/committee of An-Nur at the national level.
15.6 Rights and Obligations of Members
15.6.1 Members are bound by the dictates of these statutes.
15.6.2 Members are obliged to abide by and work with all decisions made by the leadership of their institutional and the national organisation.
15.6.3 Members have the right to absent themselves from meetings or project assignment. However this is subject to approval by their branch leadership, upon receipt of a written request for abstention.
15.6.4 Members have the right to forward complaints about issues in their institutional branches to the National Shuraa.
15.7 Termination of Membership
15.7.1 Members have the right to terminate their membership with the organisation. In such a situation, they are obliged to provide an explanation of the reasons for their exit from the organisation.
15.7.2 Termination of membership shall be initiated by a letter of resignation, addressed to the Ameer of his/her branch, stating the reasons for which he/she intends to leave the organisation.
15.7.3 An-Nur also has the right to terminate the membership of anyone if his/her conduct or actions undermine the goals of the organisation, or threatens its relationship with individuals, organisations or its very existence. Members are entitled to an explanation of the reasons for expulsion.
15.7.4 Upon an annual review of the membership conditions, An-Nur has the right to terminate the membership of any member(s) if they grossly fail to meet them.