About Us

An-Nur is a dawah organization whose prime aim is to exploit current advancements in information technology to carry the message of Islam to people. Conscious of the fact that socio-economic hardships, at lot of the time, lead Muslim youths into various vices, An-Nur has also taken it upon itself to help in developing the quality of human resource of the Muslim youth through skills training and orientation programs.

An-Nur was started in mid September of the year 2003, at the University of Ghana – Legon, by a group of young Muslim students with the aim of mobilizing manpower of mainly Muslim graduates/school leavers towards teaching Islam to both Muslims and Non-Muslims, carrying out skills training, as well as helping solve the many problems facing the Muslim ummah.

Primary in achieving all of this is developing a directory of young educated Muslims and professionals with the intention of mobilizing them towards tackling problems facing the ummah.