Training Programs

In pursuit of our goal to empower Muslim youths with skills that will sell them in the job market, we have developed a number of programs, one of which is training in Information & Communication Technology (ICT). To this end, we have held a few sessions on Microsoft Office and Corel Draw. Highlights of some of these events are available in the Event Highlights section of this website.


An-Nur E-Learning Centre of Excellence

Annur E-Learning Centre of Excellence (AECE) is a virtual platform for learning any form of knowledge relevant to both An-Nur members and and the Ummah in general. Living in an era where our environment seem to make almost everyone unnecessarily busy, we deem it necessary to find very easy ways of still making the Ummah conscious of the deen and the surroundings in general.

This initiative is therefore one of the many initiatives under the umbrella of An-Nur Al-Islamiyya towards achieving this objective.

For the first period, 5 courses were offerered concurrently over a period of 11 weeks beginning in August 2015 on the Whatsapp platform. Course materials are also available on this website.

Courses to being offered are as follows:

  • Islam & Business
  • Fiqhul Ibaadaat
  • ICT
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Corel Draw X7
  • Arabic
  • Aadab & Akhlaq